Fighting Words Friday: Love Is

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This was one of the first verses I memorized, and man… it kicked my butt! As I committed these words to memory, I kept thinking about all the ways that I do not love very well. It was a beautiful challenge for me to continue asking God to change my heart to make me more like Him, and then it hit me. GOD is  LOVE. He is ALL of these things for us. He is patient, kind, humble, honoring, selfless, not easily angered, and keeps no record of wrongs. He rejoices with the truth, always protects us, always loves us. He is always trustworthy. He always gives us good reason to hope, and His love will always persevere. Love will never fail us! It was a huge revelation for me. I fail to measure up to this standard of love all the time, but when I remember that this is how GOD loves us, it begins to change my broken heart and give me the courage to love even when it feels like it costs me something. May we remember today that God’s love never fails us, and because of this truth, may we be emboldened to live lives surrendered to loving the people around us… even when it’s hard, even when we disagree, may we all be transformed and shaped by the power of Love. This is also the anchoring verse for my song Love Never Fails, so if you’d like to hear me work this verse out in song, give it a listen!