By: Ellie Holcomb


About Who Sang the First Song?

In this engaging board book with whimsical art, singer/songwriter Ellie Holcomb asks a childlike question and answers with a lovely lyrical tale that shows young readers that God our Maker sang the first song, and He created us all with a song to sing. 

I wrote this book because of my kids. One day, in passing, my 4 year old daughter asked me, "Mom, who sang the first song?" 

I love how kids are always asking questions and how their questions often make me slow down and think about things in a different light. And I loved her question so much, I decided to not answer it in the moment, but do some research and write a book instead! 

I do NOT (and could not) do this with every question she asks me. But this question was special.

The book does what kids do. It asks a lot of questions, while loosely following the creation story, but it focuses less on HOW God made the earth and more on WHY God made the earth. 

My hope is that Who Sang the First Song? will help remind kids (and the adults in their lives) of Whose they are and of what they were made for! 

I hope this book will spark conversations between adults and children not only about WHO made the earth, but WHY the earth was created. I think all of us want to know why we are here. We're all looking for purpose and direction for our lives, and I hope this book will be a conversation starter about what we were created for.

I hope there are conversations about how we can sing both with our voices but also with our lives. I am so grateful that we were created in the image of a VERY creative God, and I love the idea that adults and children would be talking about how we can create beauty and love with the gifts that we've been given.  


About Sing: Creation Songs

I wanted to write songs that were directly inspired by both God's word and His beautiful creation.

Each song is tied to specific Scripture but is also full of rich imagery from the world around us. I wanted kids to be able to sing these songs and see evidence of what they were singing all around them.

I wrote most of the songs for this record during the Spring, and I'm pretty sure I ended up moving outside each time I wrote! I was completly inspired by creations' song, whether it was the birds, or the stars, or the tree reaching high towards the heavens, or flowers blooming so colorfully that they looked ready for a party. 

About the Author

Singer-songwriter - and now author - Ellie Holcomb began her musical career by touring the country with her husband in the Americana band Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. Her honest voice and rich lyrics shined on her first solo album and deemed her the Best New Artist at the 2014 Dove Awards. In 2017, she followed with the restorative and hope-filled Red Sea Road. Ellie, her husband, Drew, and their three children live and make music in Nashville, Tennessee.