Marvelous Light

It’s hard to believe it, but after a year of writing songs, a summer & fall of recording them, and a Kickstarter campaign that blew my mind, we are FIVE days away from the release of As Sure As Sun. I cannot wait to send these songs out into the world, and in honor of that, I’m going to be using this online space I’ve got to tell you the stories behind each song on the record over the next few weeks. Thank you for following along as I take this crazy journey. If you haven’t already, you can pre-order the record on iTunes this week & get an immediate download of the song I’m writing about today, “Marvelous Light”.

I wrote most of these songs to help remind myself of the truths I so often forget, so cheers to remembering what’s true!

{Marvelous Light}

This song was actually inspired by one of Andrew Peterson’s characters from The Wingfeather Saga, an old man by the name of Podo Helmer. Without giving anything away, he spent most of his life trying to hide his past, & one day all of his secrets are exposed in front of the very people he was trying to hide them from. Can you imagine? All of the things you’re most ashamed of, thrown out into the light for everyone you love and respect to see. My shoulders were tight as I read. After this intense scene, Andrew writes this about Podo:

“He moved through the days in peace and wonder, for his whole story had been told for the first time, and he found that he was still loved.”  (North or Be Eaten!, p.321)

Oh how this resonated with me. I spent the better part of my life not knowing that it was ok to NOT be ok. Hiding any weakness, hurt, or doubt, and living in fear and the shame of my past. I landed myself in intensive counseling and discovered that "Where there's truth. There is freedom." So this is an anthem about walking out of the darkness & into the light, & I wish I could sing it with Podo & dance for the joy that comes when you’ve finally figured out that you are both fully known & fully loved!

“ Praises be to the one who has called you out of the darkness and into His marvelous light.”

-1 Peter 2:9