Pre-Order "Red Sea Road" Today!

I couldn't be more excited about finally getting to share this record with y'all! Today is the first day you can pre-order the record, & if you do, you'll get an immediate download of the first single, "Find You Here" (which is already playing on a lot of radio stations across the country!! What in the world?!?). We have lots of fun packages you can choose from, with anything from the CD or the record on vinyl to cozy sweatshirts, new t-shirts, coffee mugs, & more!

Since we are giving you an immediate download of the single, I'll be sharing the beautiful story behind "Find You Here" on the blog later this week. And I'll continue sharing stories behind the songs on my blog as we prepare to release the record, but for now thanks for your support & your love. I love you too!! I wrote these songs to help my own weary soul remember who He is & how He loves us during a heartbreaking season for our community, & I'm praying these songs that are all grounded in God's promises will breathe hope and light into your life.  

Much Love,