Fighting Words Friday: The Light is Always Stronger

“ But now, this is what the Lord says— he who created you, O Jacob, he who formed you, O Israel_ ‘Fear not, for I have redeemed you, I’ve called you by name , you are mine.’-4.png

I started memorizing the last part of this verse with my little girl when she was just two years old! She was having a hard time memorizing it, so I made up a little song and started to sing it to her. We would sing it together on the nights that the dark felt scary and she couldn’t go to sleep. Sometimes it was a bad dream she had and sometimes she was just afraid that there might be monsters under her bed.

I LOVE this particular promise from God’s word because it doesn’t guarantee that we won’t be afraid or that scary circumstances will never come our way. It speaks a stronger truth into any fear that we might face. It reminds us that, even in our darkest nights and in the places where fear consumes us, nothing changes the fact that God has redeemed us, that He knows us, and that no matter how the story ends, we belong to Him. We are safe in His hands now and forever.

Singing this promise over my daughter and with her over the years has helped me lean into His strong arms in moments when fear is gripping me tight.  We actually ended up recording the song that I used to sing with her all those years ago and putting it on the children’s EP I just made. I’m so grateful we did because that little song always reminds me that no matter how scared we are, His love and His strength will hold us tight, and if I can remember that I am held in my scariest places, it changes everything and it helps me carry on with more courage than I could ever muster up on my own.