Fighting Words Friday: He Is Faithful

This is one of my "fighting words" verses. Many of you have asked me to share some of the verses I've memorized with you. I began memorizing this one about 7 years ago after someone had broken into our home and stolen our tv and some other things. I was frozen in fear as I went to bed each night, but I had a friend tell me that if I would continue proclaiming God's word, even when I didn't even feel like or trust that it was true, that His word would prevail. I said this many nights, for months, over and over again at night, and still felt fearful until one night, it finally clicked, and I felt the weight lift off of my chest because I actually started believing that God was my stronghold. I'm so grateful for the anchor God's word has been for me through so many storms of fear and shame and suffering, and I'm praying today that His word might be an anchor for you too. Hold onto His promises, friends. He is faithful.