Fighting Words Friday: Seek Wisdom

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I cannot tell you the amount of times I’ve worried about something, let a conflict or decision circle around and around in my head, asked everyone and their mother what they thought that I should do about it... searching for wisdom from the people I trust. I’m not saying that’s wrong, but when I read this promise from God’s word, I was undone. SO often, God seems to be the last person I turn to when I am really needing wisdom, and here is this promise, plain as day, saying that He gives wisdom generously to all without finding fault! He doesn't even get mad when we don’t have the wisdom we should have for all the things life throws at us! When we ask Him for wisdom, His word says, He “gives generously.” This verse has helped me immensely. It’s not that I never ask trusted mentors and friends for advice or for wisdom; it’s just that God is becoming my first ask, and I’ve found that even the act of bringing the decision or conflict or situation before Him, calms my fretful heart. Do you need wisdom today? Ask God for it. He’ll give it to you! So grateful for this beautiful promise.