Fighting Words Friday: Called Out of Brokenness

I want to post all the praise hands emojis for the beautiful truth this promise from Romans carries. I’m so grateful that we do not have to be stuck in our brokenness, in our sin, in our shame, in our selfishness… because of Jesus, we get to step away from all of that and into His grace and mercy. We no longer have to be defined by our failures and mistakes, but by the extravagant love God demonstrated for us on the cross. And man, when we are marked by that kind of love, it is a beautiful thing. I’ve heard it said that we are all a slave to something, and if I’m going to be a slave to anything, I want it to be a slave to the love of God. So thankful for the freedom I’ve known that has come from walking with Him and resting in what He has done for us. If you want a beautiful picture of the life Jesus lived so that we wouldn’t have to be stuck in our sin, read through Romans 6:5-14 today. Thankful that God calls us out of our mess and our brokenness, into His restorative and redeeming love.