Fighting Words Friday: Seek His Face


“Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.”

-Psalm 105:4

Not sure how y’all have been lately, but I just came through about a 4 day stent of feeling REALLY sick! It wasn’t the flu, but I had all the upper respiratory junk and felt totally bummed and overwhelmed to feel so sick with 20 shows on the books. It’s really hard to sing when you are sick like that. Cue all the vitamin C and sleep and steam showers and essential oils and hot tea and Sudafed, and thank GOODNESS I am feeling better! If you’re sick, I’m so sorry, and I hope you get better soon, but something struck me when was in the middle of feeling so bad. It is times like these, when I feel so sick and so weak, that I tend to really cry out to the Lord.

I was literally asking God for strength... for strength to play the show we had last week in VA, for strength to play the Opry, for strength to do the all the momma things. Don’t get me wrong. I rested lots too, but there is something beautiful about being very aware of your weakness and then very aware of God meeting you in the midst of that weak place. This verse was a reminder for me this week that no matter how we are feeling, we always have the opportunity to look to the Lord and His strength.

This verse feels like a directive “seek His face always”, but more than that, it feels like an invitation to us. I’ve never regretted spending time to seek God’s face. I’ve never regretted asking Him for strength rather than trying to muster it up myself either, and I am amazed at how something in my heart and soul changes... even during seasons of feeling very weak... when I simply shift my gaze from my circumstances to God’s face. I suppose it reminds me that whatever I am facing, I am not alone, and I’m grateful for that reminder this week.