"Fear Not" Lyric Video!

So happy to share the lyric video to Fear Not with all of you! I started writing this song a few years ago when I was trying to memorize Isaiah 43:1 with my little girl. We were at the breakfast table, and the chorus to this song just spilled right out of me. It's amazing to me how a melody will help lock something in my mind.

It helped my little girl too, and a few of her friends that were in carpool with us at the time. We would all sing it together, so when I set out to make a children's EP, my hopes were set high on recording this song, since it had already been such a gift to our family.

It is the song or refrain we would sing when fear was getting the best of us. I am a momma who is riddled with fear some days, and this promise from God's word has helped ground me over and over again. It has helped ground my kids too. I suppose it is because at the end of the day, no matter what happens, it is a gift to know that God has GOT us. No matter how we feel, we are loved and have a place to run. We belong to Him.

On the days when I end up measuring my worth by how I perform or by how others think of me, the fear creeps in. It whispers that no one could ever love me. It whispers that I've messed up too much for even God to love me. It whispers that death will win in the end. And this is when I need this song the most. This is when I sing to help remind my forgetful heart that I am a beloved child of God, no matter what I've done or how many mistakes I might make, and that in the end LIFE and LOVE win.

I hope this promise set to melody will be a sweet and timely reminder for the kids in your life, and maybe even for you on the days you forget that you always belong and that you're always loved, and my prayer is that as you sing along holding onto that promise, it will help drive the fear away.