Fighting Words Friday: But God

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This is one of the first verses I ever memorized, and I can’t quit it. I love that it openly acknowledges that we may fail. I don’t know about you, but I fail all the time, and it is here in our failures and mistakes that the two words, “… but God” come crashing into all of our not enough. I’m so grateful that God promises to be our strength and our portion, even when we fail. Grace isn’t something we earn; it’s a gift we receive. It’s a gift I’m all the more grateful for when I come to the end of myself and the end of my resources only to find that God is my portion. This is the verse my song “My Portion and My Strength” is grounded in , and that song is a prayer I’ll continue to pray all my days.”Lord, help me believe that even in my biggest failures, YOU will be my portion and my strength. Your “more than enough” always covers my “not enough”. That’s good news, friends!