Fighting Words Friday: Rejoice

I love this promise from God’s word. That command to “rejoice” feels hard at times, especially in light of some of the pain and suffering life can throw at us, but I love that colliding into that command to rejoice is the promise, “The Lord is near.” Whatever we are facing, God wants to remind us that we are NOT alone, and that is something to rejoice over! We always have a reason to sing. Praying I’ll remember that gratitude shifts my perspective in a drastic way, and thanking God for the promise of peace that will come when we choose to rejoice in who He is no matter what we face. The song I wrote out of this verse is “Find You Here”, and I’m so grateful for the ways I’ve personally experienced profound peace in the midst of circumstances in which it made NO sense to have any peace. Grateful His promises are true today and everyday.