Fighting Words Friday: I Can't Outrun Your Love

I find such comfort in these verses. There is no where we can run, no where we can hide, that is out of the reach of God’s love for us. I wrote a song out of these specific verses on my second EP called “I Can’t Outrun Your Love”, and I’m just so glad that it’s true. God goes with us everywhere… He is with us on our best days and through our worst moments, the ones that we’d never want anyone to know about or see. He is with us, ready to love us, ready to guide us back home, to rest in His arms. If you are running today, or if you feel lost, I hope you’ll be reminded that you are not alone. Love is right where you are, and I hope, as my friend Katy Hutson always says, that “you’ll collapse into Jesus’s marvelous hands.”