Fighting Words Friday: Delight in Weakness

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I have a love/hate relationship with this verse. Why? Truth be told, I don’t love feeling weak. I love feeling capable and strong… I don’t like asking for help, and a lot of days I’m not good at it. But it’s this verse that reminds me... it is in my places of being weak and in need that God’s love and strength shine. In my moments of “not enough,” He is always “more than enough,” and in my moments of being overwhelmed, feeling defeated, in my very hardest places and deepest struggles, His love is with me and He will fight for me. These are usually the stories that I tell about Jesus… they are not stories about me having it all together, they are stories of me falling apart and Jesus holding ALL things together and somehow working them for my good. So even though it’s counter-intuitive, I am learning to rejoice when I feel weak, and even to delight when I come to the end of myself because I’m learning that I’ll never come to the end of His love and mercy, and it’s usually the moments when I’m at the end of my rope that I encounter His love and mercy in the most powerful ways.