Fighting Words Friday: Sufficient Grace

All the praise hands emojis for the promise that His grace is sufficient for us!! I don’t know where y’all have been lately or what you are walking through, but I’ve been in a season of refining, feeling weak, and feeling the weight of my shortcomings a lot of days. What a breath of fresh air to know that His grace is enough to cover all of my failures and weak places, and not only that... His power is MADE PERFECT, and best displayed in all of my weakness! Praying today that when I fall, I will be quick to fall on Him and His grace for me. So grateful He loves us enough to not leave us as we are, and that because of HIS grace, there is NO place for shame. We can come as we are, with all of our messes and mistakes, and let the power of His love rest on us and transform our weakest places into stories of redemption and healing and wholeness.