Fighting Words Friday: Songs in the Sky

I am so grateful for the way I see evidence of God’s faithfulness, love, and beauty in creation. It is as if creation itself is constantly singing the song of our Creator. Every morning that the sun comes up, I’m reminded that His mercies are new... that His love never runs out on us. Every evening when I see the stars sparkling bright in the sky or the moon glowing, I’m reminded that light is always stronger than the darkness. So deeply grateful for the consistent love and presence of the Light of the world, Jesus Himself, and I’m so grateful for the constant reminders that He has written in the sky so we won’t forget His love for us. We’ve just welcomed our third baby into the world, and I announced a new children’s book and EP as well that tie into this beautiful theme that Creation sings. My prayer is that all of our children would hear the beautiful song of God’s love and faithfulness that is played day in and day out like symphony. Goodness knows, I need to listen closely, because there are so many days that I forget. Thankful for the way God writes His love for us in the skies and all over the earth, giving us tangible reminders of what is true.