Ellie Blogs


Welcome! So glad you’re here. Actually, I’m so glad I’m here too. I feel like writing songs from the depths of your soul and playing them for the world is brave. It takes courage to share something like a song that you’ve felt and lived and created, but for me, if I’m being honest...and consider this an introduction to what you’ll be getting here….lots of #realtalk, it takes a lot more courage for me to write for a blog like this one.

I used to be an English/Language Arts teacher for high school and middle schoolers. I loved it (minus the grading part...I’m REALLY bad at math). I was an English major at The University of Tennessee and basically picked English as my major because it meant that my homework would be to read books and to write. That did NOT sound like homework to me. That sounded like fun. And it was fun, and even though it kind of scares the living daylights out of me to share the things I’m writing that haven’t been edited down to a song yet,  I still feel most alive and most alert when I’m writing my way through the days, so welcome to my blog. : ) Get cozy. Sit down and grab yourself a latte, or a lot of water, or juice…. You’ll be getting stories and songs, & some other stuff too.